Seabed Systems: Let Our Expertise Tackle Your Dredging Requirements

Seabed Systems Ltd tools are designed to customize for clients a multipurpose excavation system suited for trenching, (de)burial, stabilization and/or excavation of seabed materials. The system can be used over and around (live) subsea cables, pipelines and damagesensitive structures such as wellheads and manifolds, in soils ranging from silt, sand, clay and gravel to rock dump with the CCB85 capable of excavating over 100 kPa if encountered.

The CCB 110/CCB 750 package is capable of close work and penetrating sub sea soil conditions of up to 50 kPa and if very stiff clay or material as much as 100 KpA is encountered then the CCB85 specialapplication tool can be adapted for use in most cases.

Mass flow excavation targets are achieved using our CCB 110/ CCB 750 which has a unique nozzle configuration allowing for a complete range of velocities and flows with varying exit patterns to suit most soil conditions, and is initiated at the touch of a button top side thus eliminating downtime lost by bringing the tool back on deck.

The high flow open nozzle mode allows for excavating granular free flowing soils. High speed restricted nozzle mode enables a higher water speed and the excavation of more consolidated soil types.

For excavating non–cohesive soils the tools are configured in the blowing mode providing a high flow of water (7 m3/s) with a velocity of 7 m/s, depending on propeller configuration. Production rates between 500 to 1000 m3/hour can be achieved. In excavating combined soils, as both propeller speed and nozzle shape and size are adjustable, an optimum output can be established at the work site for excavating combined soils. The adjustment can be made real time as required. In excavating cohesive soils up to 50 kPa, the production rate in soft clay is between 200 to 1000 m3/hour. The CCB 110 and 750 can be operated on hydraulic rams giving them a wider range of use.

Our systems are unique to our company, home to the mass flow excavation sector's brilliant design engineers. Our tools provide significant advantages over other methods of excavation, with the CCB 85 able to be adapted in most circumstances to handle really tough soil conditions up to 100 kPa, while moving reasonable volumes
in the process.

Our tools are supported by our own launching gear, powerpacks, all types of sonar, cameras and if required ROVs. All equipment comes with our own well-trained experienced staff. Our areas of expertise are within the mass flow excavation and suction dredging sectors and we provide solutions to the majority of projects with off shelf equipment. Seabed Systems has a simple working philosophy of service excellence.